Sunday, July 19, 2020

Best and most needed sketchUp plugging for the Beginners

Today I’m going to show you the best and most needed SketchUp plugging for the beginners.

01.The 1st plugin is called Zorro2, which is basically a SketchUp plugin that makes slicing and creating sections so much faster.



02. The 2nd plugin is called Round Corner, this plugin makes rounding corners in sketchup a no-brainer.

Round Corner 

03. The 3rd plugin is called Profile Builder Plugin which is like a more advanced follow me, ideal for creating pipes, cornice and railings.

Profile Builder

04. The 4th plugin is called SketchUV, which is a texture mapping tool, that will help you map out complicated textures into more complicated geometry.


05.The last plugin is called V-Ray for SketchUp. It is a rendering engine that helps you achieve photo-realistic rendered presentations that are modeled within sketchup.





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