Saturday, June 29, 2019

How to Set Up the Toyota Vitz Car Navigation System Japan to English


The operation of the car navigation system differs slightly depending on the model. This is the way to set a destination using the "NSCP-W64" model.
The procedure described here is for changing the language to English. 
For display in Chinese (Simplified Chinese) or Korean, use the same procedure to select each language.

1.Touch the MENU button.

2.Touch 設定・編集 (Settings/Edit).

3.Touch 共通設定 (Common Settings).

4.Touch 言語設定 (Language Settings).

5.Touch English.

6.Touch はい (Yes) when the system's restart confirmation screen appears.
*Certain functions are only available in Japanese.

7.The language settings are currently being changed.

8.The language settings have been changed.

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