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05.Why do we get a High temperature when we're ill?

The immune response leads to inflammation and the release of inflammatory factors into your blood stream. These lead to an increased heart rate and blood flow, which increases your core body temperature - as if your body is doing exercise. This can lead to increased heat production and thus dehydration; for this reason, it's important to drink plenty of clear fluids when you're feeling unwell.

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04.What makes some blood J groups incompatible while others are universal?

Your blood type is determined by protein markers known as antigens on the surface of your red blood cells. You can have A antigens, B antigens, or none - in which case you're blood type 0. However, if you don't have the antigen, your antibodies will attack foreign blood. If you're type A and you're given B, your antibodies attack the B antigens. However, if you're blood type AB, you can safely receive any type. Those who are blood group 0 have no antigens so can give blood to anyone, but they have antibodies to A and B so can only receive 0 back!


3.Why can some people roll their tongues but others can't?

Although we're often taught in school that tongue rolling is due to genes, the truth is likely to be more complex. There is likely to be an overlap of genetic factors and environmental influence. Studies on families and twins have shown that it simply cannot be a case of just genetic inheritance. Ask around - the fact that some people can learn to do it suggests that in at least some people it's environmental fie a learned behavior) rather than genetic (inborn).

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