Sunday, December 8, 2019

What Is the Best Gear (Transmission) Oil For Suzuki Swift RS

This is the Common Issues of the Swift Owners for Select Best Transmission Oil For there Swift Car.  Most Of the Authorized Dealers also Don't know which Transmission Oil for use it. This is the Common Problem i had made with my Friends Car. We went to well know Auturized Car Service. They Recommend to Suzuki Swift 2017 RS 1000 cc Model for  CVTF Green 2  Transmission Oil.
But That's the Wrong Transmission Oil For that type of car. The Funny things is that Service Center Use this Transmission oil for previous Swit RS 1000 cc Car's.

Therefor we decide to clear this, we talk to many People we know in this Filed. but they all don't know to recommend to witch one is Best.

This is the Solution we found to talk with more Genius Gays.

There has 03 Type of Swift Model

01. Swift RS 1000 CC
02. Swift 1.2 CC Mild Hybrid
03. Swift 1.2 CC Full Hybrid

01. Swift RS 1000 CC

Swift RS 1000CC
1.0CC Automatic Transmission Oil
6.2 L

This is the Image Of the Transmission Oil Can

02. Swift 1200 CC Mild Hybrid 

Swift RS 1200CC
 CVT Transmission 
CVTF  Green 02
5.7 L
This is the Image Of the Transmission Oil Can

03. Swift 1200 CC Full Hybrid 

AGS (Auto Gear Shift )
75W Synthetic Ger Oil
1.5 L

This is the Image Of the Transmission Oil Can

I hope these Details Help you to find the Best Transmission Oil to Select the your Swift Car. 

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