Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Play Basic Guitar Chords - 01 & Barre Chord Tips

This is th First Basic Learning Of the CAGED system

Learning these five basic chords is the first step on your guitar-playing journey. Practice often to master the art of switching notes. 
Guitar chords involve a collection of notes sounded together that are played on adjacent or separate strings, or all of the strings together. The guitar is a very versatile instrument for chording purposes, and there are five basic major chord patterns, which are C, A, G, E and D (known as the CAGED system). You may notice that there are some chords that appear to be missing, such as F and B (as well as the sharps and flats). 

Well, they aren't here because these chords don't have their own patterns - to play 
them you will have to use one of the basic patterns outlined here but with a Barre applied. When you first learn how to play chords, it can be difficult to get your fingers to co-operate, and you will undoubtedly feel some degree of discomfort as you press down on the strings, or generally, as your fretting hand contorts into unnatural positions to fret the strings. However, before too long, with the aid of constant practice, your fingers will start to remember where to go. Other things to be aware of are a buzzing sound when you play the strings, 

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