Friday, May 8, 2020

What we need to do this Covid Pandemic Season

It’s a Carousal time for the World. We Face the Most Humble Health Pandemic in this Century. Confirmed cases of coronavirus have reached 3.45 million worldwide, according to the latest figures. What we need to do the avoiding these Viruses. Most of Country’s LockDown or Travel Band.  And Social distance is the best way to avoiding this. Most of the People are Stay at Home. This is the time we spend this Pandemic time stay at home.
Lockdown, quarantine, social distancing, isolation. Coronavirus has brought with it new words, new rules, and new ways of living. What we do when we stay at Home.  
According to My thinking, I suggest follow things.

  • 1.       Spend more time Our family Members

The working world is not giving us to time even births. We do work.. works…and work. . we had missed to care about our Family past days according to our busy schedule. Lockdown gives families the opportunity to spend time together. Now this is time to we can spend more with our Loved One.

  • 2.       Its Time to read your Favorite Books.

Remember When was the last time you read a book, or a substantial magazine article ? Reading has a significant number of benefits, some of them are Mental Stimulation, Stress Reduction, Knowledge, Vocabulary Expansion, Memory Improvement, Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills and Better Writing Skills. And why won’t we start reading a book. This is the best time for it.

  • 3.       Polish your Skill

This is the best time to Polish your Skill. I know there is no way to go outside. But we live in digitalize World. Knowledge is on there our Finger. You can google or youtube to help polish your skill. More than 100 ways there to self-learning. Then why shouldn’t you start.

This is the things I Suggest for you doing this Quarantine Period. Please be safe and follow the Medical guideline and keep the Social Distance till this Virus avoid.

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