Why you Select Yahoo Marketing ?

Yahoo Marketing

Why you Selected yahoo for your marketing Purpose.  Yahoo is the Fast-Growing  Internet Company  and reached  $ 4.48 Billion Internet business.  Yahoo has Four11, Rocketmail, and eGroups and Classic Games.com. Subsequently, Yahoo also obtained other competing search engines, including Overture, Altavista and AllTheWeb. Today, yahoo as a single company earning over 6.4 million in revenue and working 13900+ People and its various web sites are visited over 300 million times per month. This is the Secret you need to use Yahoo Marketing.

In February 2008, Microsoft Corporation made an unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo for $44.6 billion. Three years later, Yahoo had a market capitalization of $22.24 billion.

Yahoo Product

Yahoo is not a single Internet base company. As I mention above Its cover Large Communication business eg. Four11, Rocketmail, and eGroups and Classic Games.com..etc

This is the Some of Product Yahoo Offer

·       ·      Search Services – including Yahoo Search, Yahoo Local, Yahoo Yellow Pages, and Yahoo Maps.

·         Yahoo! (Yahoo) provides internet services to individuals and businesses worldwide.

·         Yahoo! Home Page – including My Yahoo, Yahoo Toolbar, Yahoo Local and Connected TV.

·         Communities & Services – including Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers and Flickr.Yahoo Finance

·         Communications Services – including Yahoo Mail, Zimbra Mail, and Yahoo Messenger.

·         Audience Services – including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Autos, Yahoo   Food, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Health.

·         Connected life – including Yahoo Mobile, Yahoo Go, Yahoo Broadcast, Yahoo Digital Home,         and   Yahoo Desktop.

·         Major Products and Services – including Yahoo Kids, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Music, Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Real Estate, Shine, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Travel Yahoo! Kids and Yahoo TV.

This is the reason you need to Select Yahoo to  marketing

  • Yahoo Search employs quality-based pricing, which measures the quality of traffic coming from its    distribution partners i.e. web publishers that display your paid ads.

  • Yahoo Ecommerce rates for small business range from $39.99 (starter) to $129.95 (Standard) on  up to $299.95 (Professional) in monthly costs.

  •  Yahoos Build Your Own Search Service (Boss) employs a “pay for what you use pricing          approach rather than a one size fits all for its developers customers. The rate is calculated by        number of queries and how deep they go.

  • Yahoo domain service prices range from the length of term, i.e. 1 year costs $9.95, two years     $19.90, 4 years $29.85 and 5 years $49.75.

  •  Yahoo Web Hosting prices range from $9.95 per month (if the term is 1 year) to $12.95 if the     term is on a monthly basis.

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