Thursday, August 3, 2017

Things to think about before you create a new Gig

Things to think about before you create a new Gig

This is the my Second Article about Fiver tips. if you consider to follow thise simple steps to create the new gigs, may be you are the next one to go higher up..

1) Think about hobbies and talents that you can offer as a service. Take this opportunity to do what you love and make it your business.

2) Break down the tasks so that each Gig offers a base service that you feel comfortable offering and completing for $5. As you grow, you can offer more advanced services at additional costs.

3) Is your delivery time sustainable? Once the orders start coming in, you'll need to be able to keep up and complete them on time. Delivering on time is key to getting more orders and repeat buyers.

4) Research to see if you have competitors on the site. Check out what they are offering and if your service and quality is competitive. Also, if you have a unique advantage be sure to highlight it in your Gig description.

5) Your description should clearly explain your service to buyers. Include details of what you do and what you don't do.

6) Optimize your tags, title, description with keywords.

7) Add a video that introduces yourself and your service to the community.

8) Think two or three offers ahead. if you can give to Revision more than Client Happy. :-)  .... 

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