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January 2023

 Roadmap is a new, eight-level general English course for adults that recognizes every class is different, every learner is unique. Roadmap’s rich content and flexible organization allows teachers to personalise their lessons to give learners the specific language training they need to progress. Engaging and clearly organised with an extensive range of support materials, Roadmap makes lessons easy to prepare and fun to teach.

Roadmap A1-Student's Book- Amanda Maris. (2021)
Format: pdf       

Size:  96 Mb

View, download:   google drive   +  SB Answer key (pdf):   google drive 


SB Audio:

Format: mp3 / zip

Size:  110 Mb

Download:   google drive   +   Audio scripts (pdf):  google drive


SB Video:

Format: mp4 / zip

Size:  135 Mb

Download:   google drive. 

 Cambridge B1 Preliminary for Schools -2019 / 6 Practice Test with Answer 

Six full practice tests plus easy-to-follow expert guidance and exam tips designed to guarantee exam success.

B1 Preliminary for Schools Trainer includes six full practice tests, the first two with easy-to-follow, expert guidance. The two guided tests include: 42 Tips, 24 Advice boxes, 12 Remember boxes, Training activities, Exam practice, Exam orientation and frequently asked questions. Build confidence in each exam paper by following the step-by-step guidance, tips and strategies in the Training and Exam Practice exercises in the first two tests. Develop exam technique with the final four tests, applying the lessons, techniques and hints acquired in Tests 1 and 2.

B1. Preliminary for Schools Trainer 1. 2nd. For the revised exam from 2020.

Format: pdf       ( 2019, 240p.)

Size:  42 Mb

View, download:    drive google  

Audio CD:

Format: mp3 / zip

Size:  113 Mb

Download:   drive google  




Preliminary for Schools Trainer 2.

Format: pdf       ( 2017, 232p.)

Size:  42 Mb

View, download:    drive google  

Audio CD:

Format: mp3 / zip

Size:  108 Mb

Download:   drive google  


Cambridge English A2 Key qualification

All the practice you need for a top score in the Cambridge English A2 Key qualification. With the realistic test papers and helpful advice in Collins Practice Tests for A2 Key (KET), you will feel confident and fully prepared for what to expect on the day of the test. It contains: 8 complete practice tests, fully updated for the revised 2020 exam specification Answer keys and model answers Downloadable audio and audio scripts for the Listening and Speaking papers Visual materials for the Speaking paper, plus model answers


How to use this book 4

About A2 Key 6

How to prepare for the test 9

Test 1 17

Test 2 35

Test 3 53

Test 4 71

Test 5 89

Test 6 107

Test 7 125

Test 8 U3

Mini-dictionary 161

Audio scripts 167

Sample answer sheets 196

Answer key for Reading and Listening 200

Model answers for Writing 204

Model answers for Speaking 207

Speaking: Additional practice by topic 224

Format: pdf      

Size:  42 Mb

View, download:   Drive google



Format: mp3 / zip     

Size:  110 Mb

View, download:   Drive google


Authentic Examination Papers from Cambridge English Language Assessment For Revised Exam from 2020. Authentic examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English provide perfect practice because they are EXACTLY like the real exam. Inside A2 Key for the revised 2020 exam you'll find four complete examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English. Be confident on exam day by working through each part of the exam and scoring system so you can familiarise yourself with the format and practise your exam technique. 

The book contains transcripts, sample Writing answers, scripts for the Speaking test, and sample answer sheets. Download the audio for the Listening tests, example Speaking test video and answer keys with extra explanations (instructions on inner front cover), or access your audio and video directly via QR codes in the book.

Introduction 5
Speaking: an overview for candidates 7
Test 1 Reading and Writing 8
Listening 18
Test 2 Reading and Writing 24
Listening 34
Test 3 Reading and Writing 40
Listening 50
Test 4 Reading and Writing 56
Listening 66
Speaking tests 72
Answer keys and transcripts 84
Sample answer sheets 120
Acknowledgements 124
Visual materials for the Speaking test 125

Format: pdf     

Size:  65 Mb

View, download : google  drive



Format: mp3 / zip 

Size:  117 Mb

Download: google  drve

 MacFormat is the UK’s best selling magazine for the home Mac user. Each issue brings you all the exciting developments from the world of Apple, including reviews of new Macs, iPads and Apple’s own apps like iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. 

We’ll show you how to make the most of your Mac, OS X and all the creative things you can do with it. We also review all the latest 3rd party software and kit – so if you’re looking for a new hard drive, monitor or printer that works with a Mac, you’ll be well served. iOS users are also welcome and we review the latest iPad and iPhone apps.

MacFormat UK - Issue 387, February 2023

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