June 2022


10.Could We survive on vitamins alone?

No, your body needs a diet balanced with vitamins, protein, minerals carbohydrates, and fat to survive. You can't cut one of these and expect your body to stay healthy. It is the proportions of these which keep us healthy and fit. You can get these from the five major food groups. Food charts can help with this balancing act.

This is the last Article Of the Amazing Facts About the Human Body , Do you know any other Amazing fact of our Body. I Hope you are.. please comments below...


07.What makes us left-handed?

One side of the brain is more dominant over the other. Since each hemisphere of the brain controls the opposite side of your body, meaning the left controls the right side of your body. This is why right-handed people have stronger left brain hemispheres. However you can find an ambidextrous person, where hemispheres are co-dominant, and these people are equally capable with both right and left hands!

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