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05.Why do we get a High temperature when we're ill?

The immune response leads to inflammation and the release of inflammatory factors into your blood stream. These lead to an increased heart rate and blood flow, which increases your core body temperature - as if your body is doing exercise. This can lead to increased heat production and thus dehydration; for this reason, it's important to drink plenty of clear fluids when you're feeling unwell.

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04.What makes some blood J groups incompatible while others are universal?

Your blood type is determined by protein markers known as antigens on the surface of your red blood cells. You can have A antigens, B antigens, or none - in which case you're blood type 0. However, if you don't have the antigen, your antibodies will attack foreign blood. If you're type A and you're given B, your antibodies attack the B antigens. However, if you're blood type AB, you can safely receive any type. Those who are blood group 0 have no antigens so can give blood to anyone, but they have antibodies to A and B so can only receive 0 back!


3.Why can some people roll their tongues but others can't?

Although we're often taught in school that tongue rolling is due to genes, the truth is likely to be more complex. There is likely to be an overlap of genetic factors and environmental influence. Studies on families and twins have shown that it simply cannot be a case of just genetic inheritance. Ask around - the fact that some people can learn to do it suggests that in at least some people it's environmental fie a learned behavior) rather than genetic (inborn).

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2.In the mornings, do we wake up or open our eyes first?

Sleep is a gift from nature, which is more complex than you think. There are five stages of sleep which represent the increasing depths of sleep -when you're suddenly wide awake and your eyes spring open, it's often a natural awakening and you're coming out of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep; you may well remember your dreams. If you're coming out of a different phase, eg .when your alarm clock goes off, it will take longer and you might not want to open your eyes straight away!

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1. How do we think?

What are thoughts? This question will keep scientists, doctors and philosophers busy for decades to come. It all depends how you want to define the term 'thoughts'. Scientists may talk about synapse formation, pattern recognition and cerebral activation in response to a stimulus (seeing an apple and recognizing it). Philosophers, and also many scientists, will argue that a network of neurons cannot possibly explain the many thousands of thoughts and emotions that we must deal with. A sports doctor might state that when you choose to run, you activate a series of well-trodden pathways that lead from your brain to your muscles in less than just a second. There are some specifics we do know though - such as which areas of your brain are responsible for various types of thoughts and decisions.

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warning signs, warning danger sign, warning safety signs, warning hazard sign are recognizable symbols designed to warn about hazardous or dangerous materials, locations, or objects, including electric currents, poisons, and radioactivity. The use of hazard symbols is often regulated by law and directed by standards organizations.

GD Homes Design - London

Architect: Iguana Architects

LOCATION :Finchley, north London 

TYPE OF PROPERTY: Extended Victorian house 


PROJECT STARTED September 2020 


SIZE 186sqm 

HOUSE COST £ 918,000 

BUILD COST £ 210,000 

Lina and Daniel Black had two main stipulations when searching for a new home — they wanted to walk their children, Abigail, six, and Jacob, four, to school and to take on a renovation project. The family had been renting an apartment in Hampstead Garden Suburb, north London, a 10-minute drive from the school in Finchley and too far to walk on a busy morning. A Victorian house for sale a few streets away from the school caught their attention, and it just so happened that it belonged to the parents of a child in Abigail's class. 'It was a complete coincidence that we knew the family, but it enabled us to find out things about the house that we might not have 


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