April 2019

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Do you Willing to know about news in Cars ? this is best one of Mabz to it.

Since its inception in 1990, readers have trusted Torque as the authority when it comes to cars and the car culture.

 From test driving the latest cars to appreciating all things automotive, Torque is the trusted opinion leader.

Torque Singapore - May/June 2019
English | 84 pages | True PDF | 35.5 MB

How It Works, the magazine that explains everything you never knew you wanted to know about the world we live in. Loaded with fully illustrated guides and expert knowledge, and with sections dedicated to science, technology, transportation, space, history and the environment, no subject is too big or small for How It Works to explain.

How It Works - Issue 124 2019
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 57 MB

WebUser is the UK's favorite internet magazine.

On sale every fortnight it keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news, views, best new websites, music, film and games downloads, free software, and all the other developments on the Web. If you use the internet, you'll love WebUser. Being Britain's best-selling internet read, WebUser is, quite simply, the only internet magazine you'll ever need.

WebUser - 17 April 2019
English | 76 pages | True PDF | 26.8 MB

HackSpace is the new monthly magazine for the modern maker. We’ll teach you new techniques and give you refreshers on familiar ones, from
*3D printing,
* laser cutting,
*woodworking to electronics and Internet of Things.

this will be your favorite mag ...

HackSpace - May 2019
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 47.9 MB

Are you willing to Learn to play Guitar... this is the best way to learn it..
This new edition of Guitar for Beginners is on hand to be your learning companion, guiding you through the basics and helping you lay firm foundations for future development. 

Our step-by-step tutorials are even accompanied by free online resources such as video tutorials and audio files to point you in the right direction and provide examples of how your guitar playing should sound. 

With plenty of practice, you will be finger-picking, string bending and making compositions of your own in no time. 

Future's Series: Guitar for Beginners - Twelfth Edition 2018
English | PDF | 164 pages | 62.1 MB

“Where is everybody?” That’s the question physicist Enrico Fermi asked in 1950. Nearly 70 years later, we’re getting tantalizingly close to solving the riddle known as Fermi’s Paradox: If the universe is so large and so old, why haven't we found life on other planets?

This Podcast will help you find out why is that.....


you can find out more this link 

It’s our best hope for life after earth—and a freezing, irradiated desert more than 30 million miles away. In our season finale, scientists and writers debate whether colonizing Mars is the most important mission in the history of the human race, or an absurd daydream.


Assange arrest: Trump claims to 'know nothing about WikiLeaks' despite past praise

In a presentation before Ecuador’s parliament, José Valencia, the foreign minister, set out nine reasons why Assange’s asylum had been withdrawn. The list ranged from meddling in Ecuador’s relations with other countries to having to “put up with his rudeness” for nearly seven years.

Starting at 11am local time, Valencia said Ecuador had been left with little choice but to end Assange’s stay in its London embassy following his “innumerable acts of interference in the politics of other states” which put at risk the country’s relations with them.

His second point focused on Assange’s behavior which wavered between riding a skateboard and playing football inside the small embassy to mistreating and threatening embassy staff and even coming to blows with security workers. Valencia said the whistleblower and his lawyers had made “insulting threats” against the country accusing its officials of being pressured by other countries.

Full Story Read here On theguardian

The first-ever direct image of a black hole was pieced together using telescopes around the world.EVENT HORIZON TELESCOPE COLLABORATION ET AL

At the darkest points in the universe, their boundaries perilous and invisible, space warps. In a black hole, the force of gravity is so strong that anything that comes near, whether a puff of cosmic dust or an entire blazing star, is swallowed and devoured. The light sinks past a point of no return and into an unknown realm that can only be imagined.

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